INSTANT money transfer to your loved ones in Africa, Indonesia and Myanmar.


The only true instant money transfer service to Africa, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Uber Remit only accepts payment partners where we can guarantee the money will get to the recipient instantly!

Instant Delivery

Payments at dizzying speeds

Awesome Exchange Rates

Possibly the best exchange rates in the business

Low Fees

Well, we have to make some money somewhere (blush). But the fees are still super low


Don't blink... we're fast!

If you have a pace maker you might want to sit down before you click "Send".

When your family needs money the most, trust Uber Remit to get it there.

As far as we are concerned your family is our family. It is our ultimate goal to get funds to your loved ones as soon as humanly possible.

We endeavour to work with aid agencies to drive down the cost to send money home.

All sensitive information is scrambled prior to delivery from the app.

We use tokenization to protect your debit card details.

The identity information you entrust to us is protected by vToken cryptography.

Have you packed a lunch? No need, Uber Remit has already delivered!

In the unusual event that there is a delay in payment, we are in constant contact to make sure you are at ease.

The founder of this service was funded by the United Nations. So be assured that you are placing your trust in the right hands.

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Enjoy the ease of use and simplicity of our award winning mobile payment service

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Packed with amazing features

Ready to send?... Simple, fast and easy to use

New destinations added regularly

If there are instant payment destinations you'll be sure we will add them soon.

Ultra secure

To protect your safety, we randomize the pin pad on the login screen, and limit the number of attempts. So don't worry about your finger prints on the screen!

Identity by vToken

Normally its hard to verify yourself with a payment app. We make it as simple as 1.2.3 thanks to our friends at vToken.

Use your Debit Card

Use your debit card to credit your wallet.

Instant Delivery

Instant delivery to your loved ones mobile wallet in Africa.

Automagic Contacts

When you send money to someone we automatically create a contact for you that you can send to again. We even remember the last amount sent and any comments so you don't have to enter everything again.


... FAST? It took at least 5 seconds! I thought you said it was instant! 😉 ...

Joyce Padilla Mother of four

...I'm always dubious about trusting my money with someone new, but after sending some smaller amounts all I can say is I am thoroughly impressed by Uber Remits service and patient support...

Marie Suzukayama Animator

...I think I've got instantitis after using this app, awesome!...

Albert Auckett Head of Research

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